hi there. my name is joseph anthony pasquale holsten. i am a very unusual person. you would have figured that out, but if that is a problem, feel free to leave. i do not care about your opinion. even yours jamie, nathan, paul, diane. now that that has been settled, let us begin.

the first thing you may have noticed is the lack of capital letters and contractions. these are more difficult to read, and the only reason that the standard is all capitals instead of lower case is the name of god. well look at that, although i use no capitals, you realize that i use the definite case for the noun. amazing.

i also read a lot, and use furl. i do not know if i can openly publish my furl links, but for now i will simply link inside this page. typing of furl, i use a plethora of tools to get me through the day. every so often i stumble upon a new one and will give you some info on it. furl is useful for a specialized purpose, that is to save web sites. i just typed a page of description, but you can get that at furl.

oh, also unusual is my interest in linguistics. my current favorite language is esperanto. the title of this page is esperanto for free ideas. that would be free as in liberty, not as in beer as rms says. you should learn it for free as in beer. you recieve a diploma for completion, and can communicate with a personal tutor via email. i liked it so much the first time, i am taking it a second time. actually i just forgot esperanto from lack of use. i am very lazy.

also, gmail is to email what furl is to bookmarks, or the other way around if that helps. if you want to join, i have two invitations left at present.

please maintain your computer, especially if you use windows. i will glady help with anything you need me to do. if you have not at least installed a virus scanner, firewall, and spyware remover, contact me immediately. i am putting together a collection of free, like beer, tools to maintain windows machines, i would love to give you a copy. so far i am planning on including avg antivirus, zone alarm firewall, adaware, spybot search & destroy. along with those will be mozilla, for its popup blocking and features, and thunderbird for email, because outlook express is terrible.

i refuse to write in a concluding style.